Songwriters for Hire

Do you need great songs for a project? Or perhaps you have run into a bit of a writer’s block and are in need of some assistance writing your own song. Let our songwriters at Fiwi Studio help you out. Over the past decade, our staff has contributed to thousands of music projects both in the US, and abroad. During this time, we have acquired the services of highly talented and professional songwriters itching to leave their mark on your music.

Reggae songwriters

Our specialty over at Fiwi Studio is Reggae. We produce quality reggae music, boasting highly professional staff in all areas of music production – from songwriting all the way to mixing and mastering. We understand that every aspect of music creation is highly important, and take the craft of songwriting very seriously. You can be assured that whatever song we write or co-write with you is an original song, specifically tailored to fit with your project needs. The final product is meant to be an offshoot of your ideas, so we refine your rough ideas until they turn into a beautiful piece of music. Reggae is a brand we are passionate about and we take pleasure in crafting beautiful lyrics for songs within this genre.

Further collaboration

Our collaboration with you does not end at the songwriting stage unless you need it to be.  With your lyrics produced and polished to your satisfaction, we provide you with a studio for recording your song, and go ahead to aid you in the mixing and mastering stage, per your needs. You will find that our studio has all of the bells and whistles needed to grow and maintain an artist.