Artist Promotion
We always put sound quality first, over everything else, the only type of promotion that we provide is a full professional marketing. Our audio promotion services main focus is providing event planning, marketing, and design services for companies. The music Industry requires a lot of audio promotion services which we have brought to the table, and we will provide that same top quality service to every other record label companies at the most affordable rates possible

Music Consultation and Evaluation
You should submit your best song and a link where we may read and review your band / artist bio. Upon submission we will listen to your song. We will provide an honest appraisal of your work based on your melody line, arrangement, orchestration, lyrics and vocals (if applicable).
We will tell you whether or not we believe the following:

We would let you know your music is marketable.

  • If you are ready for label submissions and recording.
  • If  you are in the wrong profession.
  • Most importantly; if you are headed in the right musical direction.

Obviously we are always on the lookout for great new artists. There is NO GUARANTEE we will be interested in taking you on as a client.
Submit Your Work For Our Consideration:  Submit your work to be considered for Fiwi Studio management for musical artists in Reggae, pop and hip hop. While we serve a select roster of established and break through Reggae artists, we actively scout for fresh talent. Every artist we manage is unique, but share a lot in common: They captivate us with their arresting styles; compelling and unconventional stories that intrigue or challenge us; or fresh beats that make dancing irresistible. They are artists who are not afraid to experiment, to explore creatively. They push the boundaries of their art and society, often making them controversial, even revolutionary. Yet, they understand the importance of retaining commercial appeal.
Getting More Social Media Fans
It is very time consuming to grow your social media audience and keep your fans engaged, we are here to inform you that we are always available to help you, by growing your fans base. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle Social Media Marketing for businesses of all types – including your music.
We provide Social Media Marketing management and consultation for our clients.
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